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About Us

Since 1956, we have developed into a global supplier of precision metal formed components. Located in Chicago and "ISO 9001:2015" certified by DQS Inc, we dedicate ourselves to acting as a division of every company we do business with. We have created long term partnerships with Companies around the world in a variety of markets including hardware, medical, consumer electronics, electrical, appliance and automotive. We have provided engineering services, high volume tooling, metal products and assemblies to meet their most demanding applications.

We take pride in our emphasis on early customer involvement which allows us to assist in the early stages of design and engineering. Ultimately, we are able to provide the resources and expertise to exceed our customers' expectations and supply them the finest metal stampings, components, wire forms and assemblies.

Our ability to supply Stampings, Four-Slide formed components, Wire-forms and Assemblies allows our customers to reduce their vendor base by two or even three companies when bringing Bel-Air Manufacturing on board to meet all their metal forming needs!

What stands Bel-Air Manufacturing apart!

Financial Stability: We continue to operate profitable and sustainable. This is based on good market diversification, and our conservative business philosophy managing our business since 1956.

Design and Engineering Excellence: We continue to offer innovative cost-reduction options at the design stage and help develop value-added cost savings for our customer's current products.

Flexibility to Adapt and Reinvent: We listen to our Customers and add systems, processes, equipment or facilities constantly to meet the needs and requests of our customers.

Delivery and Service: While these key indicators are a "Given" today, we track, monitor and implement changes to always improve our goals as we strive to excel in everything we do.

Quality: Our commitment to quality is backed up by our ISO 9001: 2015 certification by DQS Inc. This is our testament to our focus on excellence.

Company Mission Statement
Bel-Air Manufacturing is committed to manufacturing products that exceed the expectations of our customers. To do this, we will continue to retain the very best people and implement the latest manufacturing technology. We will continually improve our processes, procedures and level of service, striving for excellence in everything we do.

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